Friday, July 29, 2016

I'm in Denver, Part 2: It's all about love

Hi friends, as you know I'm in Colorado and it is Nirvana!!!  I came here to escape the insanity of the northern mid-west (is that a thing?)  Tough to get away from, and BTW I want to marry Jon Stewart. Anyone got his number? Is he already married?  If so, sorry Mrs. Stewart. :)

I'm having a hard time adjusting to the laptop again, since I started my boycott of the robbers aka TimeWarner.  I got used to my Android.  At least I had a choice.  Choice.  Choice is what we need.  But here in the mountains, the Android is shit.  Shit, I tell you.  But.....

 the mountain air is heaven.  If you are a weather lover, this is the place to be.  Raining one minute, sun the next. Beautiful mountain air, sunset and sky.  It is heaven on Earth.  I feel sad when I see liter, so I pick up as much as I can without my back hurting or splitting my pants.  everyone is so patient, they move slow, they approach slow and in a non-threatening manner.  They are very polite. i feel like a queen.  when i was swimming i pretended i was Rihanna.  Man, I wish I had her skin.

It's so pristine and new, it's such a gift to be here.  I sure am tired, though.  This may be my last trip. Starting to miss my quirky little cottage.  I love the people here.  Love them. Love the diversity. There's just so many of them. In a year you won't be able to get near this place. And can you blame them? Gotta go where the opportunity is.  And they can pretend it's not about the weed trade, but it is.....and.......everyone........knows it.

 I feel like Michelle Obama designed the area.  Around all the available development areas - are areas reserved for agriculture.  Not sure what kind, right now it looks like sunflowers.  So pretty for a walk and a stretch at night.   The stars.....the air.  Ahhhh.

sorry I digress.  I swam so much I got burned.  Ooops.  Today I swam with my baseball cap 'cause my forehead is gonna blister.  I love the water.  it's the only time i don't feel awkward. It carries all the weight for me so I don't hurt so much from the weight of these gigantic tits.  I can't take the noon sun. I swear I am a hybrid mermaid/vampire.

another digression?  perhaps....i'm losing my train of thought.....,which is a good thing. my brain is too active at times.  i've got lots of good pics, but those will have to wait until i get home.

Remember, to choose love, my dears.  xo

to be continued......

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I'm in Denver! Part 1: Say no to Trump and Hate

Hi friends!  As you might know, I am in Colorado!  It is NIRVANA!!!

My BFF and I decided to get away from the insanity of the RNC in Cleveland.  Ah me.  Cops who wanna be soldiers, looking like robocop.  Innocent people being killed all over the world.  Americans having a love affair with guns.  It makes me wanna cry.  Remember the cute little girl from the last campaign who cried because she was tired of Mitt Romney and Bronck Obama?  (link to youtube video here).  I feel the same way.

I'm heartbroken.  I've been a staunch feminist all my life.  I marched back in the day at Kent State, when we used to be able to get good weed in Ohio.  In Ohio if you smoke weed, they will throw your ass in jail, sorry I digress.

I'm heartbroken.  I'm heartbroken because I don't like the first viable female candidate we've ever had.  We are so behind here.  Heck, the UK just elected its SECOND female prime minister.  I love Bernie.  I hope a Libertarian gets enough points to be in the debates. I'm not all that enamored with them either, but damn we need a more of a choice. I finally understand what my dad meant when he said you pick "THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS."  Fuck that.  If it's shit it's shit.  There's not some shit that is nicer than any other.  If it looks like shit and smells like shit and tastes like shit, it's shit.

Please, please, please Mr. President don't leave us.  You know how it is when you wanna cheat on your girl and then you lose her over something stupid?  That's what this is like. One night you're lonely and scared, and your ex is looking so damn don't know what you had till it's gone.  Now Mr. President is going to have to answer for Guatanamo Bay, his use of drones and his massive NSA survellienece, but I think he needs another 8 years with a Congress willing to do its job. Perhaps we can put off the presidential electional and do just senatorial instead.  I mean since we're going to get rid of the Second Amendment (I hope), then it wouldn't be that hard to amend the Twenty-Second Amendment.  Mr. President, you might be our FDR.

Mr. President please don't leave us.  But, Mr. President, I imagine you are dog tired.  I've loved watching your beautiful daughters grow up.  I love Mrs. Obama.  Maybe she can be President. As I write these words, I realize it's a pipe dream.  You must be so dog tired.

I don't know what to do.  This may be  the first election since I became legal age that I haven't voted in.  And it's not apathy.  There's nothing passive about it.  So much hatred being spewed.  It reminds me of the 80s and the Reagan era.  I was terrified nuclear bombs were coming at any second all the time.  At least with Bill Clinton - who is part of the mortgage bubble and investment bank/commercial bank merging that helped create the 2008 crash - at least I enjoyed some abundance in that time period.  I put myself through school because I caught the Clinton/Gore vapors.  Unfortunately, George Bush fucked it all up.  Bill Clinton left a surplus budget when he left office.  When Georgie left office, he left Prez Obama a trillion dollar deficit.  People forget that Obama INHERITED those problems.  He didn't create them, and I don't know how he has managed to keep the world together.  He's a ninja.  I mean look how quietly he took down those fuckers also known as Fox News.  Sorry, another digression.

We Americans don't know our history.  We are intentionally kept ignorant.  Don't take my word for it. Do your own research, look up the period in Germany called Weimar.  This is pre-Hitler and helped give rise to that mass insanity.  Hitler was not so scary on his own, what is scary is that not just a few people followed him.

Don't take my word for it. Do your own research.  Research other terrifying totalitarian dictator fascist oligarch regimes.  Like Idi Amin. Or Benito Mussolini.  Mussolini was chums with Hitler and Stalin. He's particularly frightening because the orange-faced man even looks like him.

Does that frown look familiar?

I would wager money Trump is studying il duce's videos on youtube.

I was told by a nice 19  year old man, smoking weed at a lounge, that history wasn't relevant. OK, I get that. Buddha shit and all.  Like, suffering can be eliminated by staying in the present.  I get it.  I do.  I've suffered with anxiety and depression all my life.  But....well history repeats itself.

I know in my own life, I learn from my mistakes.  I really fuck up.  Then I say, I don't really care for this outcome. So next time I do something different.  I'm not perfect though.  Sometimes I need a blow on the head, because I am a slow learner.

And sometimes I wish my overactive brain would shut the fuck up.  But we must learn our history so we can rise together.  We need to eliminate hate.  We need to lay down our arms.  And hey, here's a crazy thought.....let's stop killing each other.

I have met the kindest, most patient, intelligent people here.  And the young people are struggling.  They are all working two or three jobs.  A 400 square foot studio apartment is $900 in Aurora and $1400 in Denver.  I've met a lot of people who have moved here just a couple of days ago. A man who was forced to leave West Virginia because the factories left and he's got a family to feed.  A cute young couple from Florida who moved here, gave up everything, quit social media and going to live in the mountains.  I've seen tons and tons and tons of homeless people.

Look Trump supporters, I get it you're angry. You're working hard, getting no where. Been there. Done that. Sucks.

Look Trump supporters, the free ride is a myth.  Your tax dollars don't feed all the illigetimate babies with mammas and daddys who don't want to work. Your tax dollars go to the military. Your tax dollars go to killing and policing the world.

Look Trump supporters, he is one of the people who have stolen your pension. He is part of the 1% who made billions while paying the people employed by his resorts nothing. Meanwhile hiding his money offshore so he doesn't pay his fair share of taxes.

Look Trump supporters, he is one of the people who abused the bankruptcy laws so it is almost too expensive for the real broke motherfucker to file.  Don't believe me. Do your own research.

Look Trump supporters, corporations are not people.  Citizens United is bullshit.

Look Trump supporters, we don't want American run by corporate greed.  Have you ever been one of the cubicle slaves in an American corporation?  Been there.  Done that.  It is Hell.  I won't digress, want more details, email me.

Friends, just a couple of thoughts before signing off.  Choose love.  Black Lives Matter.  Let's stop killing each other. It's really that simple.  I'm going for a swim in the mountains.  Thanks for reading. Your comments and emails make my day!  xo

To be continued.....

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Living Simply: Use What You Have

I live in a very small place. It's not my first. In fact, I learned how to live small and simply by living in a studio apartment. I came to love that apartment. I wouldn't hesitate to move to a studio again. Now don't get me wrong, I love beautiful things, just not too many. I'm very careful what I bring into my home. Nothing could have prepared me for how many times I had to move over the last several years. I learned the value of traveling light.

Now when I buy something, I always consider whether it is something I would move, if I had to move again.  Great mindset when you are on a small fixed budget.  Simplicity makes me happy.

As you know, I've been decorating my little beach cottage, on the super cheap. I am using what I have.  The few new things I've bought come from the dollar store and the Goodwill.

Also, as you know, I've been using a lot of blue in my decor.  But, my first love will always be pink. So I decided to paint this vase pink.

I got this beautiful porcelain vase at the Goodwill for $1.50.


I used paint from Pat Catan's in a chalk finish. I always prefer pottery in matte finishes, so it worked perfectly. I love it!

I love this paint so much, I want to get more cheap vases and paint them too!
So what to do think, dear readers?  Should I paint these vases pink?
These are my favorites. The only reason I'm hesitating is they are vintage Haeger in a lava finish, which I love.

Monday, May 30, 2016

I get asked....

Hello dear readers, hope you are having a wonderful day!  I'm still stuck in the A/C. Not a complaint, just thinking about moving to Alaska. Lol, but really.

I was grateful to have some time to go through my neglected email. I don't get a lot of comments, but I do get a lot of emails. Not, a complaint, I love my emails!  Guess what the number one question I get asked is.

The number one question is......drum roll......that's right, you guessed it.  The number one question is:  "Do you really live like that?  And where's your stuff?"

The answer is YES!  I really do live like this. And in the next couple of days, l will show you how.

As you know, I am working on a social media experiment. I am blogging with my Android and it is a huge learning curve! Could I have a little feedback please?  Are my pictures too dark?  Any tips will be appreciated.

 It's dark in my little cottage, the way I like it.  And small. Very difficult to photograph. I have newfound respect for interiors photographers.  It's much harder than exterior shots.

Want more pictures, and less words?  You can also follow along at instagram, @margiemax #sweetlittlebeachcottage.

I really must learn how to link. ;)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

My Sweet Little Beach Cottage

Hello dear readers!  I hope you are having a great weekend. It's a hot one here in Ohio. Hope it won't be like this the whole summer! A strange thing happened to me over the last several years, I actually prefer the quiet and solitude of winter.  And rain, I love rain. Not torrential storms, but gentle, misty rain, cool breezes on my face. And the beauty of gray skies.

So, I'm stuck in the A/C, and damn grateful that my sweet little beach cottage has brand new central air.  Whew, hew!  What luxury.  I'd like to mention quickly that I have the best landlords in the world. I will be talking about the all-important landlord/tenant relationship in a subsequent post.

Since I'm stuck in the A/C I'm cleaning the place, and of course rearranging. Who knows what the place will look like by Monday, so I thought I'd show you it's current incarnation, minus the mess.  I receive emails saying hey there's no way your place is that neat.  Well yes and/no. I do keep it simple. But I don't usually photograph it when it's messy.  Maybe one day I'll do a post of it messy. But not today. :-) remember the new painting I've been talking about?  It was intended for over the sofa, and ended up in the dining room.  I'm still contemplating if I'm going to put a painting over the sofa. In the meantime, I found a large, blue throw pillow at Gabriel Bros. for $6.99. What a deal. Since I can't paint as often as I like, I've grown very reliant on textiles for color and coziness. This place was freezing when I moved in. So luckily, I had a small collection of blankets, sheets, scarves, pillows, rugs, all of which can be moved around on a whim - and all of which came on the cheap.

Here's a little secret about my living room. I use it like it's a studio apartment. The back pillows come off the sofa - which is actually a very old Danish mod daybed on it's last legs,  not a futon. It's just not in the budget to have it repaired and reupholstered.  It's amazingly comfortable to sleep on. And while it's small, it's actually helped my sleep because it's taught me not to toss and turn. Sometimes I'm too lazy to put the pillows back on.  There are two bedrooms that are too small to put beds in!  I'll have more to say about these little rooms in a subsequent post.
Little dining area is a study in using what you have. This is actually an outdoor table from Target. Have you noticed how cute outdoor furniture is? It can easily be used inside. I love the simple shape of this table.
I love my kitchen!   
It's the perfect marriage of form and function.  I'm not gonna say too much about the kitchen now, because I'll be talking about it in a subsequent post. But, don't the landlords have great taste?  Love the tile. And dig that awesome hanging glass lamp in the window. Oh, and a window, what luxury!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

New Painting....Simple, but not easy

Hello dear readers!  In the last couple of posts I've spoken about the process I go through when contemplating a painting. It usually starts with a color I see clearly in my brain, and which continues to haunt me.  Lately a particular shade of blue has been haunting me. When this happens the need to express the color becomes palpable.  I don't know why I do what I do, I just know that I have to.

I humbly present the first successful painting I've done since moving to my new place. It's simple, but not easy.  In fact, the more simple the painting, the more exacting. As you know, much consideration goes into the color. Then there's the mixing of the color. Then execution. In this case, I was going for perfection, although allowing imperfection can be fun too, but that's not what I wanted to achieve here. I did not want brush strokes, nor variations in the color. Indeed, the color itself is the art. This is a great way to experiment with color psychology.

I'm going to toot my own horn here - it is too bad that I am not healthy enough to work as a professional interiors painter, because I am great at it.  So it occurred to me that I should use the same technique on a canvas that I would on a wall.

If you want a perfect, flat surface it's important to remember that a lot of paints are self leveling and look completely different dry than they do wet. I think Behr paint in flat finish is the most perfect paint there is, especially if your walls are in bad shape. And Home Depot are masters at mixing custom colors (although I mixed this color myself using paints from Pat Catans.) Wish I could say this is a sponsored post, but it's not. :) These are just my humble opinions based on years of experimentation.

The key is patience and restraint. When we are trying to accomplish a smooth surface, the natural inclination is to keep working the paint, going over areas we've already done and lobbing on more paint. Like I said, most acrylics are self leveling, so not only is this unnecessary, it  can be counterproductive. The way to accomplish a smooth flat finish is to put a whole coat on the canvas, in a thin layer. Don't go back over areas you've already painted. keep moving forward in one direction. Again bear in mind that paint looks very different wet than it does dry.

Put a thin layer on the canvas (or vase or table or whatever you are painting), without stopping and without retracing your steps. Then, patience. Let the coat dry thoroughly before applying another coat. Fortunately acrylic dries quickly. Then apply another coat, same way, sparingly, always moving forward, never back. Again let dry thoroughly. You might be surprised after the second coat dries, you might be done. In fact, I have never had to give walls a third coat, even when painting a light color over a dark.  Repeat the coats the same way until you are satisfied.  For this particulsr canvas, after the third coat dried, it was done and perfect.

I love most art, but the art that I find most aesthetically pleasing in my place is very minimal. And like I've said many times, it's simple, but not easy.

Untitled, 2016, 36" x 36", acrylic on canvas

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Taking clues from the rain

Ever since watching Design Star, I've wanted to make a custom chandelier. My new place has several chandeliers, and my landlord inspires me because she is skilled at making them. There is currently a sort of rustic chandy in my dining area that is not really me.  Landlord said she thought of hanging jewels from it.

Hmmm.  Now I've never been much for embellishments, preferring things more simple.  But one day while shopping in the bead aisle at Pat Catan's - and becoming completely overwhelmed and over stimulated - it came to me. Whatever I do must be simple. And influenced by rain. I love rain!

So I bought some chains and played with hanging them from the chandelier.  Now, if you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I have a ton of ideas, but I'm not that great of a DIYer.  So I'm pretty proud of this. 

Voila!  I have a new chandelier for about $12.00! I must say that I love it!  It's amazing how the chains look in the changing light of the day. And it's so romantic with candles on the table. I'd like to add even more chains, and to spray paint the fixture silver or white...

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

And speaking of the blues....

As you know, I've been thinking about blue a lot lately. If you're like me (addicted to design) then you love movie sets too.  I recently watched the movie The Big Empty.  I was stunned by the beauty of this shot!

The gorgeous girl is dressed in blue and her apartment is blue. Even the phone is blue.  And will you look at that lamp!  I love it.  I would love to decorate a place in monotone.

If you love blue, you can also see a lot of blue inspiration on my board called The Blues at pinterest.  Sorry, I've been blogging on my Android and I don't know how to link yet.  It seems I'm always on a learning curve. ;)


Everything inspires me when I am contemplating a painting.  I am constantly amazed at the beautiful color everywhere I look.  I bought the most awesome blue lipstick and nail polish at the dollar store recently.  I can see a color scheme of blue, pink and gray.  I also found the most gorgeous pillow at Pat Catan's, on the cheap.  I usually don't like patterns, but the colors are so gorgeous.

I've been seeing a lot of blush or pale pink in decor these days.  And for the first time Pantone selected two colors of the year, rose quartz and serenity.  I am taken with how closely these colors resemble my sky inspiration photo (below).  I even love these colors with last year's color, radiant orchid.

All these thoughts go through my brain as I think about a painting. I become obsessed with a desire to reproduce a color I see in my mind.  As I contemplate, I move things around in my place. My place becomes my color lab.

My new pillow.
Part of my scarf collection
New makeup and thick socks, such luxury!


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